Happy Birthday Julian Barratt!

From the entire Boosh fandom our love and congratulations go out to Mr. Julian Barratt who is celebrating his 43rd birthday today!

Posted on 4th May 2011
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Congratulations to Dave!

Just a second ago Dave has announced via twitter that today he became father to a little baby girl.

We would like to wish him, his lady and his little daughter all the best and we are sending all our love!

Posted on 13th March 2011
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Y’all excited already?

It has been a rather exciting week in the Boosh fandom so far.

As you all know Noel was as every year a guest at the NME awards presenting an award alongside Matt Berry. Absolute radio caught up with him on the red carpet and after brielfy discussing his outfit (as every year) Noel revealed that the Boosh album is ready to go and that they are still working on the film. He pointed out that it’s not over for the Boosh and they are just taking a little break after almost 15 years of working together. In that little break Julian will be doing some avantgarde theatre (was I the only one who thought Noel looked a bit cheeky when mentioning that?) and Noel will be releasing a new show on Channel 4 called “Noel Fielding’s luxury comedy”. So looking forward to that.

Further Noel will be on stage for “Let’s dance for Comic Relief” on Saturday. Rumours has it that he’s been fitted into a red dress and will be dancing to Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights”.

We also have a new amazing artist featured in the fanart gallery: Chelsea aka Pibity. Go and check her out!

Posted on 25th February 2011
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First of all: Sincere appologies for the lack of updates lately, but real life kinda caught up with us and we didn’t find time to take proper care of the site.

But things will slowly change now. As a first (not visible) achievement we have fixed the bugs in our quotes script. It’s now running smoothly and is ready for the buttload of new quotes we will add during the next weeks. As always you are welcome to participate and add quotes to our database.

We are also planning to another section to the site that is dedicated to the music and popcultural references in The Boosh. You all know that there’s a lot in the show and since we aren’t all walking music dictionaries, we’d like to explore those references in detail.

Posted on 8th February 2011
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“The Journey of the Childmen” release date

The highly anticipated documentary about the Boosh boys on tour will be released on 15th November. Pre-order your copy over play.com now!

Posted on 6th October 2010
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